Thanksgiving Break!

As the end of November rolls around, leaves begin to change, a crisp air moves through town, and the smell of pumpkin pie and apple cinnamon fills homes across the nation. What does all of that mean?


Unfortunately, my Thanksgiving this year is not going to be like years past. I won’t be with my family this year. That is what happens when you go to school 10 hours away from home. I would have been able to go home, though, if my professors weren’t evil people and gave me a test Monday and Tuesday of next week. But, I got the short end of the stick and that’s just the way life is sometimes. 

So, I have to make the best of the bad situation. 

On Tuesday, I am heading to Nashville to spend Thanksgiving with my best friend! Yay! Her grandmother invited me when we went up there last month and I thought it would be a good idea instead of spending the holiday alone in my house. 

One thing I am definitely excited for is going to Opryland and seeing the light show that they do every single year. Christmas lights are one of my favorite things to look at in the entire world, so I know that I am going to get very emotional looking at them up there. 

I do have to come back on Friday, though, for my absolute favorite thing in the world…FOOTBALL!! Alabama plays Auburn in Bryant-Denny that Saturday and I am definitely not missing my first Iron Bowl! 

So, even though I won’t get to see my parents for Thanksgiving, I know that I am going to have fun with my second family and my best friend instead. Always have to make the best of a bad situation (: 


NL Cy Young Contender


So, don’t get me wrong, I am a Red Sox fan until the day I die, but I do know when to give credit where credit is due.

My best friend, Ian, is a huge Cincinnati Reds fan. So, due to my loyalty to him, I root for the Reds. No skin off of my back because they are in a completely different league than the Red Sox. But, over the course of learning about the Reds, I have discovered one of the greatest pitchers to play the game, and he does NOT get enough recognition.

His name…Aroldis Chapman.

The relief pitcher from Cuba is known as the Cuban Missile in the clubhouse.


On September 24, 2010, Chapman pitched a 105.1mph fastball to Padres player Tony Gwynn in the eighth inning. That was the fastest pitch ever recorded in the majors, breaking the 104.8 record set by Tigers’ Joel Zumaya in 2006. That night was also one of Chapman’s best night pitching. All 25 of his pitches that night were over 100mph.

The kicker to that story? His first major league appearance was August 31 of that year!

Now, getting into some more interesting stuff…Last month, I read an article by Jayson Stark from ESPN about his case for Chapman for Cy Young. The article was published on August 13, so the stats are a bit out of date, but I will be updating them later. Here is a snip from that article that describes the “ridiculousness” that is Aroldis Chapman.

“• Start with this one: 106 strikeouts, 25 hits. Unless something bizarre happens, this man’s numbers project out to make him the first relief pitcher in history with 110 more strikeouts than hits. Crazy.

• Then there’s this: This fellow is averaging nearly 17 strikeouts per nine innings (16.74, to be exact). How many other pitchers in history have done that? None, of course.

• OK, next up: The batting average of the 216 hitters who have had the misfortune to step into the box against Chapman this year is an insane .127. Want to guess how many pitchers in the live-ball era have proved to be that unhittable in any season of 50 innings or more? Not a one. (The record is .133 against Eric Gagne in his ultra-dominating Cy Young season in 2003.)

• Meanwhile, talk about dominating his league: Chapman’s ERA against the NL this year — in 47 trips to the mound — is (ready for this?) 0.17. That’s 51 2/3 innings, one earned run. NL hitters have batted .099 against him (17-for-172). He has faced 190 hitters in his own league. Just 34 have reached base.

 • Then there are all the strikeouts. Do you realize this guy is piling up more than four strikeouts for every hit he allows (4.24, to be precise)? Once again, nobody has ever done that in a year in which he pitched this many innings. Only Gagne in 2003 (3.7) and Billy Wagner in 1999 (3.5) have even approached it.

• Bet you didn’t know that Chapman has more strikeouts than the Opening Day starters for 11 teams … or that he has struck out more hitters than two pitchers who made the All-Star team (Matt HarrisonWade Miley), as well as Vogelsong … or that he would lead four teams in strikeouts (A’s, Royals, Blue Jays, Rockies).

• Ah, here’s the clincher: I hear lots of people refer to Jered Weaver as the favorite for the American League Cy Young Award. But guess what? Chapman has racked up exactly as many strikeouts this season as Weaver has — in 81 fewer innings.” 

Now, I don’t know about you, but that is insane! I mean, last season’s AL Cy Young winner, Justin Verlander, was definitely in beast mode, but even his stats do not even compare to those.

In an update on Chapman, in 66 innings pitched this season, he has 117 strikeouts, 35 saves, and an ERA of .123. The batting average of an opponent is .132 and he only has 30 hits against him. This is Chapman’s best season to date.

I thoroughly believe that he deserves the Cy Young Award this season. Those voters are idiots if they don’t think his stats are good enough. Chapman is a BEAST!

Alfredo Aceves and Dustin Pedroia had an argument Saturday night in the Red Sox dugout

Gotta love the BoSox…ugh…


Drama continues to surround this Red Sox team.

According to Sean McAdam of CSN New England, second baseman Dustin Pedroia and right-hander Alfredo Aceves got into a “heated argument” on Saturday in the visitors dugout at Oakland’s O.Co Coliseum. It was all verbal, but they eventually had to be separated by third base coach Jerry Royster.

McAdam got the inside scoop after the game:

According to a source, the argument was the result of Aceves attempting to direct the positioning of the infielders. Defensive positioning in the infield is the purview of Royster, who doubles as the team’s infield instructor.

The source added that Pedroia, angry over Aceves’s directions, essentially told the volatile reliever to concentrate on pitching and that the infielders would focus on positioning themselves properly.

Aceves also dropped a pop-up in the previous half-inning after calling off multiple converging infielders. The Red Sox went on to lose…

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So, I have been in Tuscaloosa for a while now…

And I absolutely love it here. I came here completely blind. I had no idea about the city or anything, but I knew that I had always wanted to go to UA. So, at first everything was a little scary, but when you are going for your dream, everything is going to be scary.

I have had a lot of experiences since being here. I have joined the Crimson White newspaper and have had two articles in the paper! I am covering volleyball for the fall and am really excited about it. I am joining SPJ to help advance my career as a journalist and hopefully that can lead me into an awesome internship in the future. I have also declared a double major in both Journalism and Philosophy. I am really thinking about going to law school, and I want to be able to have the option of going to a great school if I choose to do so. I haven’t entirely decided if that’s what I want to do, but I love having that option. Classes are absolutely amazing. All of my professors are pretty awesome, except for one of my philosophy professors; I am not a fan of his teaching methods. Other than that, everything has been pretty mellow.

Football season has finally started here in Tuscaloosa and I cannot be more ecstatic! My roommate and I had a party last night to watch the first game and it was a blast. We had so much food and everyone was so into watching the game. The Tide rolled in Dallas over Michigan 41-14! Great start to the season! This weekend is the first home game and my first college football game EVER! I am nervous, excited, and at a loss for words when it comes to describing how I am feeling about the whole thing, but I will leave it with excited.

Over the next couple of months, there will definitely be a lot going on. Obviously, it is football season, so the weekends will be packed with watching games, either at Bryant-Denny or at home on the TV screen. Then, I have a lot of volleyball games to attend and write awesome articles about. Then, our mid-semester study break is coming up in about a month, and I am thinking about heading to FL. I haven’t entirely decided, but we will see.

After coming here not knowing what to expect, I am definitely glad I took the risk. I fell in love with the campus as soon as I saw it and I feel perfectly at home here. Of course I miss my parents and my friends, but Tuscaloosa is definitely where I belong at this point in my life. ROLL TIDE!!!!